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Whether you are a large or small business, myJournal can help you get the best from the web.


Excerpted from the website description:

Unlike any other social network to date, myJournal delivers exceptional resources for blogging and beyond. Create public or private networks for clients or employees, add items to your own showroom and much more. From publishing a personal or professional blog to networking with like-minded business leaders, myJournal takes social networking to the next level.

myJournal went live on June 12th June 2008 as a ‘Public Preview BETA Invitation Only’ it is expected that within weeks it will open to the public.

Some of the features of myJournal include:

  • Members profiles
  • Member Wire
  • Instant Messaging
  • Company Profiles
  • Company Journals (blogs)
  • Virtual Showroom
  • Gallery
  • Products Video Uploads
  • Ecommerce selling capabilities
  • And much more...

myJournal fills a gap in the market where other social networking systems have overlooked, and that is business owners, and professional individuals as its core users. myJournal will follow the same concepts as other leading social networks, and will be opening a developer API to allow developers to create ‘plug-ins’ that will enhance current online business tools that myJournal employs.




Bentwood House,
Knyveton Rd,
Dorset BH1 3QQ UK


+44 (0)1202 510 397



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