pays you to drive around with a company's logo on your car.


My Free Car: Non-traditional Marketing

My Free Car offers a great way to make some extra money. If you agree to drive around with the logo of one of their clients on your car, My Free Car will pay you --- and you might even get some freebies from the company whose logo you're driving!

Advertisers choose their drivers-for-hire based on the information you provide to My Free Car. You will never have to pay a cent to participate in the program. If you're chosen, your vehicle will be wrapped in an attractive advertisement, while you get paid up to $900 a month.

How it Works

It's easy to apply at My Free Car. It just takes a few minutes to provide some information, along with your valid drivers license number and proof of insurance.

My Free Car has a growing base of advertisers looking for the right people and cars to represent their brands. Once you've applied, it could take a few months -- or just a few days -- for My Free Car to contact you. Most car-wrap ads run for two months, but some stay on the road for as long as a year.

Once you and your car have been chosen, the My Free Car client who's chosen you will be in touch to educate you about the company and what you are representing. You could even receive samples of products to use during the promotion.

If you feel that your values are different from the advertisers', you can refuse to accept a particular program, while still remaining eligible for others. What's the only catch? You won't be able to choose the colors or design of the ad you're driving.

What if you get into an accident, or the advertising on the car is damaged? Just contact My Free Car within 24 hours, and the firm will help you get it repaired.


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