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My Express Web Services

MyExpressWebServices.JPG offers online business services including Web Design, Internet Marketing, eCommerce, Hosting and Domain services, Web Management and Support. They promise to be the best place in order to kick start a small business. They set up a complete eCommerce web sites for their customers, with unlimited design revision and internet marketing FREE OF CHARGE. After the website has been set up, they charge a small fraction of the online revenue. This No Revenue No Fee option is obtained through an exchange for a percentage of online sales. With this option, the customer does not have to actually pay for the web design and the web marketing services. Thus this service offers to be a great growth tool for clients with a clear and defined budget.


Web Design Services offers various packages for web site designs. Their web designs are custom made in order to suite each client's needs. In a drag and drop environment, these web designs are highly functional as they give their clients complete control. With a click of a mouse clients are able to edit their web site's content.

"A truly personalized service using secure express web design e-commerce and marketing solutions at an affordable price"
Kristofer Peters
Satisfied Customer
Bespole Jewellers, Florida

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Ecommerce Service
Their eCommerce services are the perfect compliment to their web design services. The eCommerce system at provides a powerful platform to kick start a business. This eCommerce package incorporates web hosting, internet marketing and maintenance services. Coupled with their extensive research and experience this package promises to be a great asset for clients who want a secure, easy to use , and powerful online platform.

"Their services are free of charge, and they get income ONLY from their customer sales. When the web site version and the products and services are setup, there is a hosting fee for their hosting partner at a very affordable price. This is followed by a Pay Per Click marketing campaign and the setting up of a merchant account, both at very reasonable rates."
From Windows Live Space Blog

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Maintenance and Support
The Web Content Provider Management Solution allows its clients to easily customize and edit web page content instantly. Customers are able to change and update their web page live on the internet. Moreover, their product management tool allows its clients to import product information, manage availability, mark featured products, dictate regular and sale prices, and more.

"There is no risk for the customer. They take all the risks, working closely with entrepreneurs with a genuine business idea"
From Yahoo360 Blog

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Web Hosting Service provides affordable web hosting services. This hosting package supplements their eCommerce package and includes an array of extremely useful features such as high security, CISP/SDP compliance, built-in redundancy, regular back up with onsite and offsite storage, facility maintenance and much more.

"They only work with reputable partners and use secure servers for all aspects of the purchase process, from the web hosting to the shopping cart."
From Hotfrog

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Internet Marketing Service
The Internet Marketing Service is included in their eCommerce Package. This is a multi-faceted process and ensures their internet marketing strategy is the most efficient solution to their clients needs. This comprehensive service ensures a growth path for their customers and helps them define their business path within their budget constraints.

"We believe in a strategy of being in close communication to our final customers and are using our partners’ powerful hosting, design and communication platforms. This will ensure an efficient response to the growing market demands for these services."
Eric Gourmet
IT Consultant/Director

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Traditional Marketing also engages in traditional marketing techniques, and prints stationery and business merchandise.

"Customer satisfaction is our commitment.If you are happy, we are happy as we know that you will recommend us"
Mission Statement

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London Office

125 Kings Cross Road
London, WC1X 9NH, United Kingdom

France Office

5 rue Marechal Joffre
06480 La Colle sur Loup, France


Phone: +33 (0) 870 446 505.


News and Press Releases

MyExpressWebServices News [ Add Your News ]

May 30' 2008

Blog entry from Yahoo 360


I want to welcome you to our new Myexpresswebservices blog.

We are a dedicated team of people of different background, offering a brand new service to our customers.

Our aim is to allow every small business with a good business idea to be known and sell on the Web.

To achieve this goal, we do setup a complete eCommerce web site for our customer, with unlimited design revision and internet marketing.

Why do we do that?

We believe in our customer idea and are convinced that they can, with our help and some time, achieve a good income by selling on the web.

How do we do that?

We create a complete eCommerce solution for our customer, including Web Design, Shopping Cart and Checkout, Internet Marketing, free of charge.

What is our income?

We will charge a percentage on the online sale, when they happen, after we and our customer have designed the Web Site and its products or services.

What is the risk?

None for the customer. We take all the risks, but we agree to work with our customer first.

What is the schedule?

An average time to get the web site setup is about 3 months. We then begin a marketing campaign to get traffic to our customer web site. Between two to three month later, sales usually begin to happen.

How the customer make money?

As sales begin to occurs, the cash begin to land on our customer account. Sales only grow up with time.

How do we make money?

We only get a fraction of the customer income, so it is a longer process for us than for the customer. On the other hand, we duplicate this process with more than one customer.

How much does it cost?

As I said before, all OUR services are free of charge, and we get income ONLY from our customer sales. However, after publication - usually after two or three months of initial contact, when the web site version 1 and the products and services are setup, there is a hosting fee for our hosting partner of 30 Euros the month. One month later, we begin a marketing campaign by Pay Per Click, which we advise a spending of 100 Euros per month on advertising. Two months laters, we got the merchant account setup, which costs 20 Euros the month.

Are you ready to join us on a no risk success story?

As I said before, we will be very happy to work with entrepreneur having a genuine business idea. What ever you are selling, we will define together your goals and perspectives.

What do we do else?

We also have a very good monthlty subcription option, very usefull if you are selling services or want to promote your company. With this option, you have a lower spending option and a maximum spending option (over the maximum, our services become unlimited and free for no supplement).

Who are we?

John Glennie is a retired lawyer and a marketing specialist, having his own business with thousands of customers.

Elizabeth Mijova is an active law adviser, working with international companies with a strong financial background.

Myself, Eric Gourmet is an IT consultant having also his own business, which among customers are very well known multinational companies.

Your comments are welcome and we will keep you informed with more post on our blog.

Have a great day,

Eric Gourmet.


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