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MyDD Pages is a political blog. The bloggers, Jerome Armstrong and Chris Bowers, with guest blogs by Matt Stoller and others, provide their own analysis and commentary on campaigns, elections, and world affairs.

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The political blog at MyDD was started by Jerome Armstrong in June of 2001. MyDD's political blogging began with the coverage of the special election in Virginia's 4th CD, and later in 2001, the Governor's elections in Virginia and New Jersey. In April of 2002, with a launch of the blogging software Gray Matter, MyDD's full-scale blogging with comments began, and an online netroots community of political junkies quickly formed.

MyDD, after having been left vacant for a year during Jerome's work at DFA campaign HQ's, was re-launched with the Scoop blogging platform in March of 2004. Chris Bowers joined Jerome Armstrong as bloggers for the website, gearing up for coverage of the general election, because the same fight remains.

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