About claims to provide free webcam chat platform, but in reality it's only a parking lot, which means that the only purpose of the website is to serve ads to its viewers. Most of the ads offered on are related to webcam chat, free video chat etc though the menu at the bottom on the front page promises resources about other "popular" categories. These include travel, finance, home (real estate), and business. However, if you click on any of these links you'll only be able to see ads against those keywords. The same is true of the search functionality on the site. Whatever search term you enter, you'll only be able to see ads against that search term.

History of

MyCamFree Picture 7.png shows that the domain is owned by Domain Administration, which owns over 100,000 other domains also. The registration will expire in June 2010 if not renewed again. shows that the website was used as a live webcam service at least in 2003-04. The screenshot to the left shows how the site looked in 2004.'s last entry for is from 2008, so it's hard to say when the site was turned into a parking lot.

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