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If you are looking for nautical jokes and stories, and a sense of community with other boaters. If you hold a deep appreciation of God's great gifts - our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams, then you've come to the right place!

This site is designed to help bring together online, boaters and people who simply love the water. Our goal is to entertain through our nautically lighthearted Web pages. The only aspect of boating we take seriously is boating and water safety; everything else is on the lighter side.

that caught the attention of Internet surfers looking for a calendar to print. Not wanting to set a price for the calendar and in the true spirit of the "All Volunteer" Yacht Club we set up the web's first calendar to print on the honor system. So as it turned out, fate has stepped in and the calendar now helps pay the bills around here. We owe a special thanks to all our calendar users - (boaters and non-boaters alike) for their support!

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