is a host for DynDNS subdomains of photovoltaik plants

If you you are familiar with DynDNS and still have an account at, you can directly create your Subdomain(s)!

Calling up your network via an Internet address using FreeDNS

If you have a home server or a data logger behind a router in your home network, you can call up it via an internet address using a DynDNS service. The DynDNS service can transfer your dynamic IP address of your home network to an internet address.

Some providers offer this service at no charge. These providers include, for example FreeDNS.

Prerequisites for using FreeDNS:

  • You use a router for Internet access.
  • The server or data logger has a fixed IP address and is not integrated into the network via DHCP (dynamically assigned IP addresses).


If you still have an account and you are familiar with FreeDNS, you can directly create your Subdomain.

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