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Description's models ARE the top of the industry. We take great pride in our models their presentation -- offering our customers consistent originality and the highest quality. What's more, our worldwide scouts are continually signing new athletes of the same exciting caliber!

The designers of have access to the complete archives of MuscleWeb (Body Design Productions). MuscleWeb features some of the best videography and photography in the industry. Over 85% repeat customers honor that unique and unusually sexy presentation.

Before we created this mega site, we looked at almost everything that's out there. We found that several companies operating pay sites were using either the same models, models that were less than first-rate, and even stealing from other sites (including ours). And we also found the overall quality of most of these muscle sites to be disappointing. models set THE standard by which all others strive for. With a web destination that distinguishes itself with originality, quality, and presentation, will be sure to fulfill all your expectations. So lean back - dive in - and ENJOY!

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