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In 2002, I joined the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science at NASA Ames Research Center. I worked with the Ames Bayesian Computer Vision group, on the vision based SLAM problem. This project ended after a year and I joined NASA's Autonomous Rotorcraft Project, where I implemented a fast stereo vision and camera calibration system on a UAV for obstacle avoidance. During that time I also received a NASA grant for work on the quadruped robot locomotion problem. This work produced an accurate physics model of the robot, its environment and their interactions, e.g. friction. We optimized the robot's shape and controller parameters against the task of walking in a specific class of environments, in simulation. For some learned policies (walking gaits), we could transfer the behavior to the real robot prototype, without any change (see robot walking videos). The quadruped used in these studies has been rebuilt and remodeled since.
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