Morocco Sahara is Hassan Agbalou and his family, based in the enchanting village of Merzouga on the edge of the dunes.

When you want the real desert, the authentic Moroccan Sahara, it’s customs and it people, without any pressure and with absolutely no hype this is where to come.

And wherever you come from, Morocco Sahara will take you back to your roots. The roots of life in the beating desert heart of the world.


Excerpted from the website description:

Morocco Sahara provides personalised authentic camel treks and stays with Berber and Tuareg nomad families in the Moroccan sahara

Hassan and his family lived as desert nomads for generations, but with the increasing lack of water in the desert, Hassan’s father had to leave his beloved nomadic lifer to provide for his family. He did this by working as a guide and camel driver, later helped by the young Hassan, who learnt English, French and Italian from the travellers he accompanied.

More recently Hassan has worked for himself, giving travellers an independent choice and the possibility of enjoying an unforgettable holiday tailored completely to their preferences in the Moroccan Sahara.

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