A comprehensive guide to buying pet monkeys

All you need to know about keeping monkeys as pets

Pets are cute and adorable. They shower you with unconditional love; help combat feeling of isolation and loneliness. Pets can be a man’s best friend. Even health studies support that humans with pets live better than those who don’t have pets. Are you interested in keeping a pet? Have you ever thought of keeping a primate as a pet?

What are the different types of monkeys readily available for sale?

Are you a pet lover, ready to turn your house over to a primate? Are you thinking of keeping a pet legally for experiments? Well, keeping a primate – a monkey as a pet is quite a commitment. It is true that monkeys make great pets, are good for laboratory experiments and serve as service animals for the disabled people, like ones with severe spinal cord injuries or mobility impairments such as quadriplegics. But alike every other pet, they need warmth and special care. If you are tempted to buy a monkey after reading a board saying “Monkeys for sale,” then this is what you need to know about monkeys.

Marmoset Monkeys – Types, cost, and do they really make good pets?

Have you always fantasized about smaller, cuter monkeys as pets? If yes, then Marmosets might be an option for you. Marmosets are smaller monkeys belonging to the biological family Callitrichidae. They are native of South America but easily found in various other parts of the world.

Because of their smaller size and cuteness, marmoset monkeys are one of the most preferred primates to be owned as pets. In general, marmosets are highly energetic and bond nicely with humans. Amongst the various kinds of marmosets, the pygmy marmoset is the most commonly owned primates, as they are the smallest monkey genera in the world.

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