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Welcome to Mondaq -15 June 2006


Mondaq, launched in August 1994, is one of the most comprehensive electronic resources of professionals' knowledge and expertise. We provide legal, regulatory and financial commentary and information supplied directly by hundreds of the world's leading professional advisors, covering over 70 countries.

Mondaq provides you with direct access to the knowledge and advice of many of the world's leading professional advisors. The main areas of expertise include international trade and investment, offshore business, UK business and a series of special surveys where professional advisors worldwide have voted for those individuals that they consider to be the leading experts within their particular fields of expertise. To see a complete list of Mondaq's contributors click here. You can also see the countries and topics covered.

Professional firms, like the 'Big Four' accountants or leading law firms, are increasingly coming to understand that their own 'knowledge base' is one of their most marketable assets. By making their knowledge as widely available as possible they raise their profile amongst potential and existing clients and have the opportunity to showcase their expertise. It is the professional firms' support for Mondaq which allows us to offer the information free to our users.

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