Moffett Field Historical Society


The Moffett Field Historical Society was founded in May of 1993, as the result of the community "Hail and Farewell" for the Navy as Moffett Field was closing.

One year after the founding of the Historical Society, the Moffett Field Museum, a non-profit institution, was created. The Museum, managed and staffed by volunteers, was initially located inside Hangar One, which was built to house the dirigible USS Macon in 1934. In 2002, Hangar One was closed to all personnel due to PCB contamination, and the Museum was relocated to an adjacent building.

Moffett Field is located in the Sunnyvale-Mountain View area of the southern San Francisco bay, adjacent to Highway 101, aproximately 10 miles north of San Jose.

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Moffett Field Historical Museum
Moffett Field CA
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