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Best source for Russia Abroad

It is an amazing site; it is unbelievable how many information can be found there. From Russia Abroad, through photo archive and biggest so far data base up to famous Nabokov Library - best help for students and teachers ever created. Everyone, who have read ones Lolita and want to raise his knowledge should visit this site to learn more and, `course, buy a book. But still, for those, who is professional involved in Nabokov - that would be the first place to come. This is not the only one e-text depository on Russia Abroad is a huge site - it has over 3300 pages and over 1000 files so far. Biographical and bibliographical data base is a great experience for everyone, who's searching information about Russian emigres over the world. Strong part of the site, at least 2000 records already done. Photo archive - it needs to be uploaded more frequently, but it seems to be a question of time for research, copying, etc. Of course, to visit this site you need to have some Rus

  • posted by Anonymous on Oct 4, 2006, 10:00 pm

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