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The storyline itself is actually quite simple, and once you start the missions there isnโ€?t any clear sense of direction or accomplishment. But it does help though that each mission beginning with Mission 2 helps you regain each of your lost powers and prepares you for the final mission. Wall walking is just one of the few powers you will gain along the way. It literally allows you to walk along a wall so as to avoid the traps and pitfalls on the ground. As amazing as this power sounds, it is limited by the amount of energy you have (there is a blue energy bar next to the red life bar). Of course there are certain power-ups you can gain to increase your energy and thus increase your wall walking time (this also applies to all other powers you gain). After youโ€?ve completed the missions you can then play all the mission back again in a Free Tour which allows you beat your best time on each individual mission. This does add a bit of replay value to the game.
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