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Motilal Banarsidass, Since 1903 India : Indological publishers, distributors & exporters


Leading publishers since 1903 on Oriental Religion,Phliosophy,Art,History,Culture,Yoga,Tantra,Sanskrit,Literature & Linguistics, Astrlogy,Ayurveda




Bungalow Rd. Jawahar Nagar
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Motilal Banarsidass Publishers (P) Ltd. A-44, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase - 1, New Delhi-110 028, India

Tel.  : (011)-25795180, 25793423 Fax  : (011)-23850689, 25797221 Email  : Website:

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The publisher provides a tremendous variety of literature for sale. I searched their site for information on Buddhism and was very impressed. The site after searching through a few pages consistently comes up with an error message and one must exit site and then return to continue. I ordered the Long Discourses, Middle Discourses and the Kindred Discourses of the Buddha. The site provides a place to print a form to send billing information. The company prefers PayPal and will not process the form provided on web. The site provides an order verification form that pops up and provides information on the cost of your publications and instructs you that you will be notified of the cost of shipping. You receive notification within a day or two. My experience is that the cost of shipping is extreme. I ordered two sets of books for 49 dollars and was told the shipping would be 50.00. The second set of books was 39 dollars and the cost of shipping was 50.00. I inquired about delivery time and from the middle of May I was told to expect delivery in Mid June. I have ordered from other providers in that region of the world and received cheaper shipping and much quicker delivery times.

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