is to work for the interests of the elderly, refugee and other vulnerable layers of population promoting their active, healthy and dignified life and increasing the quality of their life. For this purpose Mission Armenia has chosen to take active part in community actions, shaping and enriching the experience of provision of community-based assistance to the vulnerable groups of population.

is of a future, where people live in a society for all ages with full and dignified life, with choice and control over their lives; where their potential is highly valued; and where they live in a common and solid family with full confidence in their faith and future.

that older, refugee and other vulnerable people should be able to live an independent and participatory life and have access to the social and health care services they need by staying in their communities and familiar settings as long as possible and choosing institutionalization as a last resort. To make this possible, the organization provides various services to its beneficiaries, with a differentiated approach to the specific needs of the physically incapacitated and the socially incapacitated. The services, respectively, have two major directions:

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