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Minimum Security


Stephanie McMillan decided at age ten that she would become a cartoonist, and spent much of grade school obsessively reading Peanuts and copying the characters. She later revised her goal to animation, and created her first short animated film during the summer after high school at the film studio near Bonn, Germany that had been founded by her grandfather, animator Hans Fischerkoesen ("Das Loch im Westen," "Der Schneeman," "Die Vervitterte Melodie," and "Das Dumme Ganslein").

High school also brought the beginnings of a political awakening, and she wrote her first article for the high school paper about the dangers of nuclear war. She went on to work for many years on issues such as reproductive freedom, immigrant rights, police brutality and anti-imperialism.

Stephanie graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 1987 with a BFA in film, studying animation under Richard Protovin and John Canemaker. During this time she worked painting cels for an animated motivational film for Huggies, and as an intern for stop-motion animator Jane Aaron. She received an award for her student film.

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