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A Whole New Way to Mingle
Dear Family, the MingleCity.com website is going through a major tranformation in efforts to give all of our users an enhanced experience. We have tons of new features and functionality that will be included in our 2nd release of MingleCity.com including social networking functionality such as personal message boards, the ability to comment on photos, personal photo gallery, personal audio player, streaming video, pay-per-view videos, downloadable music and much more.
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Dear sir

i do not know if i am doing this right or not ,so here goes , every wonder how young black boys get a record so young ? As we speak there is a 11 year old black boy in Amarillo Texas being charged with a serious crime thathe may or may not have done , This child was picked up at school by a Amarillo detective , questioned by the detective taken before a judge , questioned again by the detective was told if he did not say he did the crime he would not get to go home , after signing the confession he was taken back before the judge and he was charged with the crime and locked up , Dureing all of this mess his grandmother was at the police station waiting to see him , that child had no lawyer or parent with him while he was beening questioned , his grand mother is at her witts end as what to do with this mess , If you can please contact me at we need some help from some where . you are our only hope , that child is locked up as we speak and has been for over two weeks. thank you Mr Baisden

Mr. Baisden,

I have been listening to your show and must say you are a breath of fresh air. Question- in regards to the dumb answer given by the US attotrney about the Jena case as to why he did not intercede because they wanted the local process to be completed. Is it just me? or what because when the local folks in the Vick case were not moving quick enough for the predominantly white PETA group the FEDs did not hesitate to jump in and speed up the whole process. When has anaminals taken priority over youmg humans?? And why hasn't PETA attacked the exotic hunting reservations where the animals are hunted down without any means of escape only to be mounted on some rich white or any other man's den wall as a trophy; not because it was needed for food. Can we address that?

Dear Mr. Baisden,

I have been listening to your show lately, and am a little upset ! that while you are glad that our youth are energized about this election; you are not addressing the most major problem with the election process ! which is our Electoral College !!! simply because when all these kids go out and vote ! thinking that there voice will be heard; then having the Reality of the process Slapping them in the face !! finding out that all their efforts were for NOTHING !!! all because the Electoral College is not required to vote along party lines ! they can vote any way they want !!! even crossing party lines. How come important individuals like your self Aren't finding ways to ABOLISH the Electoral Collage ?!? so We The People ! CAN MOVE FORWARD ?!?

Sincerely, G-Man Bronx, NY

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