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The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free, interactive, educational guide to minerals and gemstones. Extensive information has been researched and categorized. We plan to make it a complete, comprehensive reference. All material is arranged interactively, with an easy to use interface. The content is geared for both amateurs and experts. In addition to the images already available, we plan on adding hundreds more.

This site provides what no book can. With hyperlinks and search capability, one no longer needs to flip through book pages. In addition, a much greater amount of information can be stored here than in a book. The information provided is constantly updated to provide the most complete and accurate information. New material is constantly added without having to wait for updated editions of books. The reader can also interact with the author, via email. Best of all, its free.

We get reimbursement from a limited number of advertisers whose banners we post. This defrays our costs and enables us to remain free. We also provide sponsors of pages for a nominal fee. If you would like to advertise or sponsor a page, see our advertising section.

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