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We're always trying to Grow MindViz and make it a more social place for you, your friends and family to interact online. We're hoping our 2006 Promotion Contest will help motivate some members to start inviting their friends, family and colleagues to join if they haven't already.

Best of all you have a chance of winning an iPod Nano, 2 DVDs of your Choice or a Tamagotchi v3.





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READ their 'Terms of Use' BEFORE JOINING!

This Website makes a practice of using any original songs uploaded to their Website for their own profit, and once you've joined and uploaded, there is NOTHING you can do about it - EVER! They make you agree to a PERPETUAL, IRREVOCABLE GRANT OF LICENSE to use ANYTHING you post ANYWAY they want without ever having to ASK YOUR PERMISSION or PAY YOU ONE RED CENT!

Here is an excerpt from their 'Terms Of Use', pay CLOSE attention to the words I have CAPITALIZED and added the [ and ] characters to the start and end of certain passages;

"With respect to [ANY CONTENT POSTED] by or in connection with the Product and Services provided by MVIZ Sites, [YOU HEREBY GRANT MVIZ A WORLD-WIDE, ROYALTY FREE, IRREVOCABLE, PERPETUAL LICENSE,] alone or together or as part of other information, Content and/or material of any kind or nature, [TO USE, COPY, MODIFY, PUBLISH, EDIT, TRANSLATE, TRANSMIT, PUBLICLY DISPLAY, PUBLICLY PERFORM, CREATE COMPILATIONS, CREATE DERIVATIVE WORKS OF, DISTRIBUTE AND OTHE

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