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A world media player involved in radio broadcasting and the publication of a global network of eNewspapers, Midwest Radio Network has been in business for nearly eighty years. Founded in 1938 to establish a broadcasting station in Lithgow, west of Sydney in Australia, the company has extended its regional radio network while embarking on an enterprise to develop and operate more than 100 online newspapers stretching to every corner of the globe.

Radio Interests

The company operates broadcasting station Radio 2LT, which services Lithgow, Oberon and the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, and has been on-the-air since the broadcasting station was established in 1939. The company also operates Move FM, which has a similar coverage area, which is establishing translators to better serve the Blue Mountains. The translators have been extensively delayed due to a range of issues the company has faced including the protractedness of negotiations with the Australian broadcasting regulator ACMA to finalise appropriate technical operating conditions, and completion of works on the transmission tower at Wentworth Falls. The translators are expected to be fully operational in 2018. Radio 2LT which has operated on AM since its establishment in 1939, has applied to ACMA for approval to switch to FM.

Midwest Radio Network is also a large shareholder through its associated company Big News Network in Ireland’s iRadio, servicing 15 counties across the north-east, midlands, north-west and west of the country, on FM frequencies 102.1 MHz and 104.4 MHz (96.9 Donegal) in the north-west and 104.7 MHz and 106.7 MHZ in the north-east.


Midwest Radio Network began the development of its online newspaper, or eNewspaper, network in 2002 and now publishes around 180 stand-alone portals servicing each key region, country, city and U.S. state, as well as a number of other topical designations such as business, sport, and various industries, including technology, travel and entertainment.

Much of the news content displayed on the sites is provided by Big News Network’s editorial resources which includes in-house journalists, wire services, and contributors. Additional news content is obtained as a result of each site's own resources, contracted international news agencies, and regular contributors. The eNewspapers additionally have contracts with major news agencis to display their news feeds and financial markets information, news and updates. There are a host of services offered on Midwest Radio Network's eNewspaper sites including subscription-based daily email alerts, news releases and RSS feeds, access to a network of social media sites with stand-alone pages for each eNewspaper, and movie reviews by the company movie reviewer James Kendrick.

eNewspapers of prominence include regional sites Africa Leader, which has been servicing the African continent including the key countries and cities, for well over a decade; Asia Bulletin, an online newspaper covering Asia as a region, with international perspectives; Middle East Star, which is a sought-after resource for news of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and ongoing peace process, as well as regional Mideast news; and Herald Globe, Midwest Radio Network's international online newspaper which it claims is a vanguard for global news and business reports. Country sites of note include China National News, a site devoted to the world's largest nation, and one of the looming superpowers and financial powerhouses; Canada Standard, a national online newspaper covering Canada, its provinces and major cities; Irish Sun which has the same name as a Dublin newspaper first published in 1880 but is also the name of an unrelated current-day newspaper in Ireland; Australian Herald which has produced its own unique style of news reporting, sometimes controversial. Malaysia Sun is one of Midwest's most visited sites, while India Gazette, Philippine Times, and Nigeria Sun are close rivals. City sites that are the most frequented comprise London Mercury, covering the UK capital; Sydney Sun, which focuses on Australia's largest city; Hong Kong Herald, a major resource for news on this Chinese province; and all the network's U.S. sites: Albuquerque Express, providing news of Albuquerque and New Mexico; Atlanta Leader, a newspaper dedicated to Atlanta, Georgia, with the slogan You can rely on the Leader; the Texan capital eNewspaper Austin Globe; Baltimore Star, which provides the latest news from Baltimore and Maryland; Baton Rouge Post, the online newspaper servicing the Louisiana capital; Birmingham Star, covering Birmingham, Alabama; Boston Star, the group's main newspaper site for Boston, Massachusetts; Buffalo Breeze, providing news headlines from Buffalo, New York; Central Coast News, covering cities on th mid-Californian coast; Charlotte Star, with news updates from Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago Chronicle, an 1880s newspaper name with a 21st century perspective in Chicago, Illinois; Ohio's major newspapers online: Cincinnati Sun, and Cleveland Star; another news presenter from Texas: Dallas Sun; the Colorado major Denver Sun; from Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Star; Houston Mirror, reflecting the city news and headlines from around Texas; Indianapolis Post, a news journal covering Indianapolis, Indiana; Kansas City Post, publishing the latest news from Kansas City, Missouri; from Tennessee the Knoxville Times; Nevada's gaming capital online news service Las Vegas Herald; Long Beach Star, focussing on the Pacific coast; also in California the prominent online newspaper Los Angeles Herald; Memphis Sun displaying up-to-date news from Memphis, Tennessee; Miami Mirror, presenting news of Miami and southeast Florida; Milwaukee Sun, the eNewspaper servicing Wisconsin's largest city; Nashville Herald, another Tennessee news organ; New Orleans Sun, updating online news from New Orleans, Louisiana; New York Telegraph, a long-established news service focusing on New York City; Oakland Times, modelled on a newspaper first published in 1868; Oklahoma City Sun, representing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Orange County Sun, a 1900s newspaper re-born; Orlando Echo, a key online news resource in Orlando, Florida; Philadelphia Herald, featuring news from and about the second largest city on the east coast of America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix Herald, the number one online news resource of Midwest Radio Network for Phoenix, Arizona; Pittsburgh Star, which concentrates on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Raleigh Times, an online newspaper covering Raleigh, North Carolina; Sacramento Sun, which services the capital city of the U.S. state of California and the seat of government of Sacramento County; Salt Lake City Sun, one of the oldest news sites in Salt Lake City, Utah; San Antonio Post, a sought-after news resource for San Antonio, Texas; San Diego Sun, which covers San Diego, the city and metropolis, and southern California; San Francisco Star, a popular news site in San Francisco and the Bay Area; San Jose Sun, a resource for San Jose and Silicon Valley; Santa Barbara Post, updating news from this popular city; the Seattle Bulletin, one of the key news sites in Seattle, Washington; St Louis Star, servicing St Louis, Missouri, Tampa Star, a major news site for Tampa and St Petersburg in Florida; Tucson Post, concentrating on Tucson and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona; and Tuscaloosa Times, servicing the City of Champions in Alabama. U.S. state sites of prominence include California Telegraph, displaying headlines from around the most populous state in the U.S.; Illinois Intelligencer, covering Illinois; New York Statesman, featuring all the latest news from the state of New York; and Texas Guardian, a chronicler of the latest news headlines from across Texas. Miscellaneous sites that top the sector are Business Sun, which features breaking business news and market updates from around the world; International Travel News, a key resource for travel professionals and frequent tourists; and Sports Sun, which brings users up to date with breaking sports headlines from across the globe.

The network of eNewspapers is a unique concept being a grouping of newspaper-style sites with newspaper names, each one having the look and feel of a newspaper, covering each of the main geographical locations for news across the international spectrum.

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Midwest Radio Network includes among its eNewspaper network, news sites for each of the major regions, countries, cities and US states in the world.

Regional: Africa Leader, Arab Herald, Asia Bulletin, Caribbean Herald, Central Asia Times, Europe Sun, Herald Globe, Mediterranean Times, Middle East Star, Scandinavia Times, South America Times, Southeast Asia Post, South America Times

National: Afghanistan Sun, Argentina Star, Australian Herald, Bangladesh Sun, Barbados Bulletin, Belgium Sun, Brazil Sun, Cambodian Times, Canada Standard, Chile Sun, China National News, Denmark Sun, Dutch Sun, Germany Sun, Greek Herald, Haiti Sun, India Gazette, Iran Herald, Iraq Sun, Irish Sun, Israel Herald, Jamaican Times, Japan Herald, Kenya Star, Madagascar Sun, Malaysia Sun, Manila Metro, Mexico Star, Myanmar Sun, Nepal National, New Zealand Star, Nigeria Sun, Northern Ireland News, North Korea Times, Pakistan Telegraph, Philippine Times, Russia Herald, Scotland Star, Sierra Leone Times, Singapore Star, Sri Lanka Source, Sweden Sun, Switzerland Times, Taiwan Sun, Thailand Herald, The UK News, The US News, Trinidad Times, Venezuela Star, Vietnam Tribune, Zimbabwe Star

Cities: Albuquerque Express, Atlanta Leader, Auckland Sun, Austin Globe, Baltimore Star, Baton Rouge Post, BC Post, Belfast Bulletin, Birmingham News (UK), Birmingham Star (US), Boston Star, Brisbane Star, Bristol Star, Buffalo Breeze, Calgary Monitor, Cape Town Express, Cardiff Star, Central Coast News, Charlotte Star, Chicago Chronicle, Cincinnati Sun, Cleveland Star, Dallas Sun, Denver Sun, Detroit Star, Dublin News, Hong Kong Herald, Houston Mirror, Illinois Intelligencer, Indianapolis Post, Johannesburg Life, Kansas City Post, Knoxville Times, Kolkata Sun, Kuala Lumpur Times, Las Vegas Herald, Leeds Times, Liverpool Star, London Mercury, Long Beach Star, Los Angeles Herald, Memphis Sun, Mexico City Sun, Miami Mirror, Milwaukee Sun, Moscow Inquirer, Munich Metro, Nashville Herald, New Orleans Sun, New York Telegraph, Oakland Times, Oklahoma City Sun, Orange County Sun, Orlando Echo, Paris Guardian, Perth Herald, Philadelphia Herald, Phoenix Herald, Pittsburgh Star, Poland Sun, Raleigh Times, Rio de Janeiro Sun, Sacramento Sun, Salt Lake City Sun, San Antonio Post, San Diego Sun, San Francisco Star, San Jose Sun, Santa Barbara Post, Seattle Bulletin, St Louis Star, St Petersburg Star, Sydney Sun, Tampa Star, Toronto Telegraph, Tucson Post, Tuscaloosa Times, Yorkshire Observer, Vancouver Star

U.S. States: Arizona Herald, California Telegraph, Colorado Star, Florida Statesman, Hawaii Telegraph, Maine Mirror, Maryland Leader, Massachusetts Sun, Michigan Sun, New Jersey Telegraph, New York Statesman, North Carolina Daily, Ohio Standard, Oklahoma Star, Oregon Telegraph, Pennsylvania Sun, Tennessee Daily, Texas Guardian, Utah Independent, Wisconsin Star

Miscellaneous: Breaking Property News, Broadcast Communications, Business Sun, Entertainment Sun, International Technology, International Travel News, Manufacturing Mirror, Professional Autos, Sports Sun, Tennis Times, Travel Trade.Org

Radio Stations

Radio 2LT 900 kHz AM, Move 107.9 MHz FM, 2LT 101.1 MHz FM, Move 99.5 MHz FM

Midwest Radio Network, incorporated in the state of New South Wales, Australia, in 1938, operates a regional broadcasting network in the midwest of New South Wales, west of Sydney, and administers all online news sites on behalf of Big News Network, as part of an international network of eNewspapers covering each internationally prominent location, and other topical news categories.


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