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Musicians Institute, School for Contemporary Music Education in Hollywood, Los Angeles


Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice), audio engineering, independent artist development, guitar making, music business and film. Musicians Institute offers degrees, certificates, and non-certificate options for study. MI also offers degree programs combining Performance and Music Industry specialties.

Musicians institute of music offers excellent degree and certificate courses in bass lesson, vocal lesson, guitar lesson, keyboard lesson, percussion, audio engineering, music recording, music video production and setting up of music business. Students choose the music program they wish from the wide range of music course curriculum. Those who are aspiring for music engineering can join in the music production school where topics related to it are taught like music mixing, digital signal processing, practical recording, track programming, etc. The student should carefully study the available music programs, facilities, career opportunities, fees, etc of an audio engineering school before taking in the admission.

Music productions and sound audio engineering courses at this music college are meant for students with an ear for music and an interest in audio engineering industry. There are great prospects for audio engineers and sound recorders in film studios, radio and television broadcasting stations, and recording studios.

Piano lessons and keyboard music lessons at this institute let the learners to achieve proficiency in traditional keyboard instruments (piano, organ, etc.) as well as modern electronic keyboards. In popular music, modern electronic keyboard instruments such as synthesizers serve the role of imitating near perfect sounds of hundreds of instruments. Whether it’s pop, rock, metal or fusion music, synthesizers are vital instruments.

Violin lessons are intended for students who have passion for learning this smallest and highest-pitched four-stringed bowed instrument of the violin family (the other are cello and viola). The violin is played by musicians in a wide variety of musical genres, including classical, jazz, folk and traditional, and rock and roll.

Bass lessons cover the basics of learning bass guitar, an instrument of importance in rock and pop music performances. A jazz devotee can take up jazz guitar or double bass lessons. Those who desire learning keyboards and synthesizers can begin lessons in keyboard bass, which is a keyboard substitute to the bass guitar or double bass. After attaining skills in one of these instruments, students can work as bass guitarist, double bassist or simply a bass player.

Drum lessons incorporate basic to advanced theory and practical drum teaching covering the history of drums; drum types (i.e. bongo, conga, timpani etc.); drum playing techniques; drum tuning; drum beats and rhythms; drum set lessons; playing Afro-Cuban, Latin, bass, double bass, jazz and electronic drums; posture, i.e. seat height and seating positions; and drum maintaining and repairing.

Guitar lessons include learning a variety of guitars covering both acoustic and electric guitars. One can also learn bass guitar (a four-stringed instrument of the guitar family) that is used to provide bass lines in rock and pop music. The bass guitar provides the low-pitched bass lines and bass runs in nearly all genre of music including rock, metal, pop, blues and jazz. This instrument is also used by soloists in jazz, fusion, funk, and in some rock styles.

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Musicians Institute
6752 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
800-255-7529 (US and Canada)
323-462-1384 (Local/International)

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