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MetaMythos . Net | RPG Campaign and World Design for RuneQuest, Basic Role Playing and the d20 System

MetaMythos the home of RPG campaign design and world building for RuneQuest, Basic Role Playing and d20 Dungeons and Dragons as well as a brand new collaborative campaign world, a complex fantasy role playing game setting for games like Deluxe Basic Role-Playing, RuneQuest, GURPS, FUDGE and d20 Dungeons and Dragons. The new collaborative campaign world includes maps and general descriptions of the world as well as specific easily usable locales. The previous campaign world known as Keshyré is also presented for general use.

MetaMythos also hosts resources dedicated to the art of world building and design for fantasy RPGs with such topics as maps and mapmaking, religions in fantasy role playing games, magic in RPGs, and cultural sources. We also provide online editions of free or open source versions of the d20 system reference document, the RuneQuest SRD, and others, such as Basic Role-Playing, will be provided if available.

Previously four separate sites they are being united in the common cause of furthering interest, creativity, flexibility and cross-pollination in role playing games.

The goals of MetaMythos is to create an Open Source RPG system compatible with RuneQuest III and also to create a collaborative fantasy world that is usable among all three systems presented here as well as comprehensive mythological references for creation of intriguing and compelling game world backgrounds and mythologies and to provide methods, techniques, discussions and tools for RPG campaign and world design.

MetaMythos founded in 1999 as an outlet for creativity. Specifically geared toward role-playing games and in particular RuneQuest and the campaign/game world, called Keshyré.

Since then MetaMythos has gone through several incarnations and included various disparate elements - some unrelated to Keshyré. The last incarnation was geared very heavily toward world design for role-playing games and the electronic publication of the Keshyré Campaign.

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