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We are a privately-funded business based in Silicon Valley, dedicated to helping local businesses get more customers quickly, easily and cost effectively. We know you've got a business to run, and you can't spare millions of dollars and extra employees to manage your advertising and marketing efforts. We don't think you should have to. Instead, let us help you.

As the Internet has matured, more information is available locally, and consumers are searching for it. Technological advances have transformed the World Wide Web from an impersonal galaxy into the Local Internet, a resource for information pertinent to your life and a vehicle for communicating and collaborating with your neighbors and friends. This evolution of the web into the Local Internet makes it possible for you to target and advertise directly to potential local customers. MerchantCircle helps you tap into the power of the Local Internet to reach these potential local customers, who are online right now, searching for deals, recommendations and information in your community. We created simple tools to help you to promote your products and services, and designed our site to get your business listed higher in search engine results on engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Many local businesses have been stumped when deciding where and how to advertise, and end up sinking their budget into placing ads in the yellow pages. We think the yellow pages are feeble relics of the rotary phone era, ineffective and unworthy of their outrageous prices. Consumers in the information age are much more likely to search for you on the web, and want more information about your offering than you can cram into one little static phone ad. We know you deserve better, so we developed free tools that help you develop a dynamic business listing and raise your visibility in search results. Moreover, we offer additional affordable service packages that leave phone book ads in the dust for a fraction of your budget.

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The site offers to forward messages to the businesses it finds.

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Then later, when a merchant registers, they find out what has been said.

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