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Melaleuca: The Wellness Company

Founded in 1985 by Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca offers a complete line of wellness products, earth-friendly home cleaners with melaleuca oil, personal care products, and much more. The goal of these products are to enhance your health, enhance the environment, and enhance your family's well-being.

About the Website

"The new is so simple to use, yet it is one of the most sophisticated websites available," says Frank VanderSloot, CEO of Melaleuca. " leverages the most advanced technology to deliver the best online experience your customers will ever have."

Highlights of the new shopping experience include an improved search engine; a streamlined, intuitive interface; personalized shopping recommendations; and in-depth product information.

"You'll be proud to send your new customers to," says Melaleuca president McKay Christensen. "If you're building a Melaleuca business, you now have added online tools to set goals, network with others, and grow your business like never before."

Those tools come in the form of the Business Center's new Goal Center and Teaming Up Center, where business builders can set and share goals, establish teams and challenge one another, and become inspired by the stories of team leaders.

As one of the biggest, most innovative improvements at Melaleuca in years, the new is going to do wonders to help Marketing Executives more successfully build their business and enhance the lives of others.

Melaleuca's Product Philosophy

The mission of "Enhancing Lives" motivates Melaleuca to take a very different approach to product development than companies that sell their products through retail stores.

Most grocery store brands are owned by public companies. To improve their stock-performance and compete more effectively against private label brands, these public companies pursue cost reductions which reduce product quality. And they consider themselves most successful when they are able to reduce product quality and cost without the customer noticing. This is not an approach Melaleuca believes in.

Melaleuca's mission requires that they define success differently. Success for Melaleuca starts with building quality into each product so each one consistently outperforms grocery store brands. By building more quality in, Melaleuca ensures that its products are safe and effective - which enables the company to meet a wider range of wellness needs in every household and accomplish their mission.

Phytomega is an excellent example of how Melaleuca has done this. Heart disease is the number one killer in North America. Elevated cholesterol levels contribute significantly to heart disease. Statin drugs help reduce cholesterol but have negative side effects like muscle weakness, kidney damage, and liver failure. Convinced that a better solution could be found, Melaleuca designed a product using safer, natural ingredients that effectively reduce LDL cholesterol. Customers continue to experience phenomenal results with this product which helps Melaleuca accomplish its mission.

Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.SM


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