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- is a free webhosting service designed for transferring large files over the internet easily and securely. The way it works is a user uploads a file and is given a link to that file which they can send to friends, business contacts, etc. Those people can then access the file from anywhere in the world.

The benefits to this services is multi-faceted:

  • It is more secure than normal e-mail.
  • It is absolutely free (up to 250MB).
  • No special software or equipment is needed.
  • The file can't be removed or deleted by anyone but or yourself.
  • With files up to 250MB in size (for the free service, up to 500MB for a charge), you can send large files without worrying about the recipient's email server rejecting the file because it is to big or their inbox is full.
  • Multiple parties can access this information if given the proper access links. This allows you to upload a file, give the access to several people, then add more at a later date without having to re-upload the attachment.
  • Friends and contacts can download the file at their leisure, rather than having to wait for a large file to download into their email before they can send or receive other emails.
  • Files can be used anywhere there's an internet connection. You can upload documents from your office to use at home or at an internet cafe and then re-upload the corrected versions later, without having to carry a disk.
  • You can download the file again if you lost it or accidentally deleted it. is not a permanent storage solution however. While other companies exist that allow you to save "backups" of you files for months or even years at a small fee, is designed for files that are a little more temporary. To this extent, there is a 21 day limit on files. If something hasn't been downloaded in 21 days, it is automatically deleted from the server to clear space for more free uploads.

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Community Reviews

some assembly required

I was suprised that a site ranked so high on Alexa could have a service so hard to use. If I didnt want to install their tool bar it wouldnt let me upload files as people who have the installed tool bar get prefered seating in this upper scale local. I wont install stuff on my computer to use a free service. :( ya lost me @ [UPLOAD]

What could we do without MegaUpload?

I don't know how I could get through life without sending files to each other. I can't remote-desktop connect between computers (for some reason) and I need someone to answer my requests to send a file... but nobody's home. Thank god MegaUpload has this service to send files quickly and all so fine without problems! -- 11:44, 18 September 2007 (PDT)

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