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Archaeology Dig 2007: Marcajirca, Peru
The third season of excavations of the Huari-Ancash Archaeological and BioArchaeological Project is scheduled to run next summer between 15th July and 15th August, 2007. Run by Bebel Ibarra of the University of Paris I, the excavations are focused on the funeral aspects, ancestral cults and the relationship of sites such as Marcajirca with Chavín de Huántar in the Puccha Valley of Peru. Most of the investigations to date have focused on the Late Intermediate Period (1200-1400 AD) with emphasis on the cemetery area, including above-ground tombs (called chullpas), caves and rockshelters. As a result the project has a strong bioarchaeological component as well, and includes DNA analysis, ethnohistoric research, and radiocarbon dating for information about ethnicity, family relationships and chronology of the tombs and their occupants.
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