Meep Meep


It's not like it's rocket science. As far as anybody can tell, rocket science actually has something to do with rockets, and dance music doesn't. Dance music requires super-catchy hooks, so catchy they qualify as super-duper catchy. And let me tell you, that's pretty darn catchy.

Grains Of Sand was conceived for several reasons. It's the first CD release by CafePress, which is the world's most impressive collection of unique gifts (wouldn't you love to give the gift of Meep Meep this holiday season?). It fills an emotional need: sometimes you just have to boogie, and to do that, you need some groovy boogying music. And it may or may not provide an excellent amount of potassium, which is supposed to do something positive for you.




PO Box 55488
Sherman Oaks CA 91413 US


Meep Meep c/o 1001 Media Group
+1 866 781 6070

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