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MediaFling is a newly formed company founded in 2004. Our corporate office is currently located at 2120 South 700 East Suite E in Salt Lake City, Utah 84106.

Our retail location originated July 15th, 1993 as part of the DISCGOROUND franchise started by Grow Biz International. The company went through a name change in 1998 when Grow Biz sold the franchise rights to CD WHEREHOUSE. After several litigations the previous owner endured, the franchise agreement was terminated and the name was quickly changed to 2ND SPIN CDS on August 29th, 2001. The current owner purchased the company in May of 2003, 10 years after its foundation, and kept the same name.

In order to create a new image, officially launch on the web, and to find a name that describes the expanding business and technology, MEDIAFLING was chosen.

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