Linking Missile Defense Technology to Commercial Applications


Here at we're all about innovative technology. The technology about which we speak was originally developed for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, to help defend the United States and its allies from ballistic missile attacks. But because it is so advanced, it could also be used in a wide range of civilian applications, too.

We believe that many organizations would be interested in using MDA-funded technology to improve existing commercial products or to develop new ones. To facilitate dialogues between the technology developers and civilian organizations, provides:

This site has been created by the National Technology Transfer Center–Washington Operations (NTTC–WO) for MDA's Technology Applications (TA) program. The mission of the MDA TA program is to assist MDA technology developers in commercializing their innovations. Through a cooperative agreement with MDA, NTTC–WO provides commercialization assistance services to help these developers grow their new businesses. These services include reviewing commercializations strategies through Business Focus Workshops and Technology Applications Reviews and raising industry awareness of MDA-funded innovations through outreach publications, the World Wide Web, and other communications vehicles.

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