Predictive Dialer - Mark VIII Predictive Dialers. Predictive dialers that are extremely fast, low cost and industry proven with free financing, lifetime free customer support and a total price of 8900.00, financed at 3500.00 down and 900.00 per month, no credit check, 3 day delivery, be up and running in less then a few hours, DNC Compliant.


Excerpted from the website:

The reason behind the success of the the Mark VIII Predictive Dialer is that it was originally never intended to sell as a product, as it was a special built project requested in the glory days of the Long Distance Industry to market LD to the general public. It was so successful it became a product that we at MCS never even intended to offer. The Mark VIII's key blueprint was that of being as "Fast and Cost Effective as Possible". Its fundamental design came from real world from industry shaking marketers and mangers, not back room programmers. MCS is the designer and builder of the Mark VIII but in humble reality we were just the computer nerds in the back room taking orders and putting them to code from the marketing and managing brains that took the LD industry to what it became and had an insight to what was needed.
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