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At McGuffie Brunton we know that true customer satisfaction can only be attained by providing robust, highly functional and technically excellent software, by implementing that software in a way which minimises disruption to the customer’s business, and by providing a high quality back-up service which customers can rely on and trust implicitly. As well as being certified to ISO9001 since 1995, we have constantly listened to our customers at every point of contact between our organisations.

Feedback mechanisms are built into our Support, Training and Implementation Services but our approach to ensuring that our customers receive the very best service goes much further than that.

In 1987 we commenced a monthly telephone survey of every customer. Then, as now, we were seeking their views on how we performed. Each customer was invited to give us a mark from 1 to 4 with 1 being highly satisfied and 4 being highly dissatisfied. As our customer base has grown, so has the importance of the survey and the resources dedicated to this key indicator to the performance of our business. In total 12 man days per month are spent carrying out the survey, reviewing the results and creating action plans for any dissatisfied customers. The results show that, on average, 93% of our customers are either highly satisfied or satisfied with McGuffie Brunton.

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