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MAX International College for Fitness Professionals is a premier destination for internationally recognised qualifications for fitness professionals. We are the only college in the world offering a double diploma in fitness business.

Our Courses

personal training courses
Personal training courses with MAX Fitness are of an extremely high quality, and teach students every aspect of personal training. Students are not just taught how to be great personal trainers, but they are taught to fully understand the concepts behind the philosophy and best practices in fitness.

In addition to fitness courses, MAX Fitness students earn qualifications in business and management. Graduates will be well-trained in sales, marketing, staff recruitment, basic accounting and business planning to facilitate careers in gym, health club and spa ownership or management. Students can enrol in courses at MAX Fitness facilities in Auckland, New Zealand, Brisbane, Australia or from the comfort and convenience of home through the MAX Fitness correspondence course.

Internationally Recognised

A certificate in fitness from MAX Fitness prepares students to pursue careers around the world. A diploma from MAX Fitness is recognised in New Zealand, Australia and over twenty other countries around the world.

Career Oriented

The ultimate goal of MAX Fitness is to prepare students for successful careers in the fitness industry. In addition to relevant qualifications and personal training courses, students are given help launching their careers. We provide up-to-date job boards, highlighting fitness jobs in New Zealand, Australia and overseas. We also give our students tips for resumes and interviews to help them land that first job.

What our students say

I am so happy with my decision to study with MAX. The course will not only get me into my dream career, but the philosophy will enable me to rise above the conflict in my current workplace and thrive in my knowledge that I am growing personally from the experience. Don't you just feel so empowered when you you know your decisions, that are both calculated and instinctive, are bang on for you!Steph

I finished my classes today and was proud to get up in front of everyone and speak of my time at MAX and what I have taken away from this course. I look forward to putting in place what I have learnt here, both in relation to personal training but also in life in general. Thank you so much for the gifts, totally unnecessary but much appreciated! You are doing a fantastic job of raising the standard of the fitness industry and society in general and I look forward to applying everything with my clients.