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massage tainha service saigon hotel xoa bop matxa 0909043210

Dịch vụ massage tận nhà - Tel:0909043210 - Massage Service outcall

Body massage Swedish Relaxation - Foot massage - Thai massage - TẨM QUẤT vietnamese. In Your Hotel Room, home, office. 10am-12pm daily. Everyone - (all men or women)welcome! English Japanese Chinese Can Be Contacted. Music Essential Oil Gifts cuppingSet Available. Price: 8.5$/1h Tel:0909043210 Vui long khong nhan tin. Nguyễn Văn Hiển – David 0909043210 Professional Massage Therapist - Saigon - Hochiminh City. Swedish Body massage relaxation - Foot massage - Thai massage, bấm huyệt, Tẩm quất Hà Nội, giác hơi, cạo gió. Nhận phục vụ Massage body thư giãn, phục hồi sức khỏe cho khách nam nữ, tận nơi Saigon - Hochiminh City. Nhân viên massage Nam, nữ, kinh nghiệm, chuyên nghiệp, lịch sự, dễ nhìn, 25 tuổi . Thời gian phục vụ 10 am – 11 pm hàng ngày. Gía dịch vụ massage: 60 phút /100.000 vnd; 90 phút /150.000 vnd. Xin gọi số 0909043210, A.Hiển để hẹn trước. vui long khong nhan tin. Xin mọi người hãy giới thiệu dịch vụ massage tận nhà này tới bạn bè người thân giúp mình nhé, mình cảm ơn nhiều ạ. 0909043210

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I wish You have a good trip to Vietnam. Iam Hiển ( David ), 25 years old, Mobile Male Massage Therapist (massagist: masseur +masseuse is available - girl massage & guy massage is available) at Saigon - Hochiminh city. I specialize in full Swedish relaxation massage , Thai massage , Foot massage, Tẩm quất - Traditional vietnamese, Acupressure ,vacuum cupping - giác hơi, cạo gió. Let enjoy a massage today for your mind, body and spirit !! Relaxation - Health - Beauty - Enjoy I hope to serve You , in Your Hotel Room, home, office in Saigon - Hochiminh City, Vietnam. All men , women & couples welcome !! My hours : 10 am - 11 pm daily . My prices : 150.000 vnd - /60 mins session ; 200.000 vnd - /90mins; Available: Music - Essential Oil - Gifts - Cupping Set Please Call my mobile phone number 09090 43210 , Hien - David, to Schedule Your Appointment today (please call ahead 30 minutes) . I know English, a little Japanese , Chinese. You can find out my advertising at: for "0909043210 keyword. Very pleased to serve you, thank you for your reading. Please tell everyone about me. Hien – David 09090 43210 Why Everyone Call Me ?

1.Exceptional, Accredited Massage Therapist 2.Professional, Skilled, Experienced 3.Friendly, Enthusiasm, Elegant, Good looking 4.Excellent Prices, Door - To - Door Service 5. 7 Days / Week , 10am - 11pm 6. Good Communication , Foreign Language Skilled.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy:

  1. Physically Relaxes the Body
  2. Calms the nervous system
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Reduces Heart rate
  5. Slows respiration
  6. Loosens tight muscles
  7. Relieves cramps & spasms
  8. Increase flexibility
  9. Strengthens the immune system
 10. Improves mental relaxation
 11. Reduces anxiety
 12. Enchances self-image
 13. Promotes better sleep
 14. Improves concentrate

Benefits of a Home, Hotel Massage :

There are numerous advantages of having a massage in your own home, HOTEL You save lots of time and money You relax more in your own home Less stress - you don't have to drive You are able to relax in the comfortable and familar surroundings of your own home. No stress of having to drive through Saigon traffic to get to you appointment. No having to allow extra time to get to a clinic to cater for the variability of Saigon traffic. No need to worry about parking (or parking fees). Saves money on petrol and car running costs. You get the full benefit of your massage by being able to relax straight after your treatment and not have to eliminate all the great work of your therapist by getting back into your car in a drowsy condition.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with my business, specially Hotelier, Receptionist.

If you know anyone who want a massage , please help me to give them my phone number 09090 43210 ,

My email:


  • nguyenvanhien
  • 0909043210


hochiminh city


  • Primary Language is English
  • Additional Languages: vietnam

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massage tainha service saigon hotel xoa bop matxa 0909043210


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