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Ed & Glenda Corley would be content to being simply known as servants of the Lord; unpretentious, humble, servants of the Lord. But, if truth be known, many see them as occupying a joint Apostle-Prophet union.

You wouldn't know it by talking to them. They have a hard time talking about themselves. As a matter of fact, I had wanted them to write this ABOUT US column for months, but to no avail. They are simply more content to give Jesus Christ the glory in all works of the Holy Spirit He performs in them.

But together, they have close to a century of serving God's people in the ministry, having also started churches & bible colleges in Africa, India & the United States. They have taught sound doctrine from the Bible, trained up ministers, brought deliverance to countless Christians ravaged by the enemy, & healed scores of the brokenhearted & physically ill.

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