Marshall Kirkpatrick

Marshallkbanner.png is the home page for Marshall Kirkpatrick, a Portland Tech writer who runs an independent consultancy in new online software and marketing. He is also lead writer at Read/WriteWeb and has previously worked at SplashCast Media, TechCrunch, AOL's Social Software Weblog, NetSquared and GFT Forex Blog.


Consulting Services include:

  • Web Site & Services Review
  • Product Planning Assistance
  • General Counseling
  • New Company or Product Launch Planning
  • 1 Hour Q&A Session
  • Other Formats




Portland, OR


  • Email: or
  • Tel: +1 503 703 1815

Community Reviews

The handsomest man on the web

Is there any doubt? Handsome, witty - kind and humble. What more could you ask for from one blogger? Incredible! And yet has anyone from AboutUs joined him for a beer in months?? Well...nooooo! Hmph!

  • posted by Anonymous on Feb 6, 2007, 8:26 am

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