is a dating site for meeting Russian women.

Marmeladies – the sweetest Russian ladies!

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Background of owners who created international couples after failing to find their soul mates in the neighborhood brought us the idea of creating this service. Our mission is to build a place in the Internet where single men from all over the world will be able to meet single Russian or Ukrainian women.


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This is a rip off site - complete scam! They take your money and you never hear back from them - buyer beware!

Review by J 01/Feb/2010 Hard to "prove", but this seems like a scam. Despite saying that you can communicate outside of the marmeladies website, there's always excuses as to why the girl wants to continue using the site itself to communicate - presumably she makes a percentage from every (absurdly expense) letter that you send or receive.

Review by F Black 06/15/2010 I do not know who wrote the TRASH above, but when I communicate with Marmeladies, I ALWAYS get a reply. If there are problems, Support is always available to help. When I have communicated with the ladies, the communications are not canned like on some sites, but are meaningful exchanges that are enjoyable, enlightening, educational, and on occasion, emotional. As far as communicating with the ladies outside of the Marmeladies site, I have had no problems doing so. As far as I can tell, the two comments above are from some real dolts who do not know how to handle themselves when communicating with ladies from the countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Bloc. They may have forgotten that the women are usually relying on the translation services of the agencies they are associated with. Fortunately the ladies I have communicated with had a modicum of understanding of the English language. It also helps that I used to be an instructor of Conversational English, and could assure them that I could also help them to enhance their understanding of the English Language. One of the rules of Marmeladies is the ladies ABSOLUTELY CANNOT seek any kind of funds from the male they are communicating with. If they do ask, all you have to do is present proof to Marmeladies and the girl is blocked from using the service. It is that simple. Too often when something does not go the way of the respondent, all they can say is 'Its a scam', when in fact all of their problems are their own fault! As for the cost to send/receive messages, try to find someone to translate a two page, single spaced letter from English to Ukranian for $5.75. I doubt you will have any success, but this agency does it and does it expertly. So, now you have the TRUTH. If the two posters that wrote the TRASH above wish to confront me on it, they can email me at frank at, and we can arrange a meeting where this former Marine will 'educate' them properly!

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