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Louisiana artist, Connie Born, artfully captures the spirit of Louisiana in her fun and exciting creations. MisChief creations are handcrafted of carefully selected fabrics and topped off with fanciful hair. They are dressed in skirts and necklaces made of Mardi Gras Beads, all handcrafted from original patterns designed by the artist. Each creation is given a unique personality by the button collage technique that makes up their faces. Each creation is signed and dated by the artist.

Creations made from 1997 to 1999 were sold exclusively through Kern International. Kern International distributed the dolls to Universal Studios, Krewes of Endymion. Bacchus and many of the Las Vegas Casinos. Moving the doll making business out of her home in the year 2000, Born opened the Front Street Gallery in Slidell and began placing her own creations in upscale retail establishments and art galleries around the country. Dolls are discriminately placed today with great selectivity. New Orleans Crab Bag Company at 606 Royal Street in the French Quarter is Born's place of choice in the Historic French Quarter area. Crab Bag features over 200 of Born's creations. Born can be found there most Sundays signing her creations.

Visiting the Mardi Gras MisChief Gallery and Design Studio is like walking into a strange world of fantasy. One is surrounded on all sides by mischievous creations captured by the creative mind of Louisiana Artist, Connie Born. Entering Born's realm of dolls will cause the viewer to reflect on Louisiana's diverse culture and history walking away with understanding and a smile. Born has succeeded in capturing all types of subject matter and giving it a whimsical Mardi Gras flair.

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