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First of all, the one who’s blessed to be the proud Mom of Samantha, who helped me get my first Windows computer and got me started on this adventure called the internet. I started net life as an iVillage member with the handle mamafoofoo the first day logged on and in a couple of months began hosting message boards and chats. I haven’t stopped yet, though I did move on from there.

Having begun doing web design and SEO, from iVillage I moved on to WebmasterWorld, where I became the first moderator of Commercial Exchange and then, the first Mod of the WebmasterWorld Community Center when it changed to that from a tech announcement and testing forum. I was an Administrator there as well as one of the Moderators in the Google News Forum for a few years, until stepping down as an Admin last year to lighten the load.

The commitment of being an Admin and moderating three forums, and being possibly over-conscientious about it, had grown to taking an average of 30+ hours a week and it was time for some personal breathing room. I continued on as one of the Moderators of the Google News Forum there, which is busy beyond belief, until the end of June, 2004 when I decided it had become time to resign as a Mod and have a time of personal refreshing, both in terms of time allocation and perspective.

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Marcia H Welter
Woodland Hills California
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