Madison One LLC

Madison One LLC is a successful financial firm that has gathered strength in the insurance advisory industry through dedicated work by its senior management team. Firm Partners Joshua Siegel and Michael T. Appleby, as well as Larry McTernan, head Madison One LLC. Joshua Siegel joined Madison One LLC in 2006 after serving with J.P. Morgan as Vice President of Business Development. During his time at J.P. Morgan, Siegel polished his finance experience, which helped him develop effectively at Madison One LLC. Siegel successfully led a business channel at J.P. Morgan that reached over $150 million in his first year with the firm. Joshua Siegel studied biology and economics at Drew University, graduating Cum Laude with degrees in both disciplines. Madison One LLC partner Michael T. Appleby boasts over 20 years of experience that covers positions with notable firms like Enhance Financial, Clarica Reinsurance, and FleetBoston Financial. Appleby's extensive financial background is an invaluable asset to Madison One LLC, helping the firm establish itself in important financial circles that are often difficult for outsiders to crack. Michael Appleby's academic career includes Executive program attendance at Northwestern University's Kellogg School and a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Economics from Canada's McMaster University. Larry McTernan's career with Madison One LLC began after his service with Banc of America Investment Services, where he held an Executive Regional Director position. Charged with regions that included New York and New England, McTernan was responsible for an area that garnered revenue in excess of $100 million a year. McTernan's institutional leadership skills were thoroughly tested during this period, and his sphere of influence within these regions positioned him as the instinctive choice to manage hundreds of financial consultants.





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