Motel Apartment Accommodation in New Zealand


MANZ, the Motel Association of New Zealand is the national trade body for the New Zealand motel industry, with over 1000 member properties throughout the length of the country. It is independent, with a Management Board of six members, elected annually. Each Board member is an operating motelier and an active mentor to MANZ member moteliers in their region. The Board meets some six times each year to set strategy and policies for the Association, and monitor their implementation. MANZ holds a conference and Annual General Meeting each year around July/August - and 2006 will see the conference in Auckland from the 27th - 30th July.

MANZ Members are able to take advantage of exclusive benefits, such as a free Web page to promote their motel property on this MANZ Web site, which MANZ itself continues to promote heavily to consumers and the travel sector. Being a large organisation, MANZ delivers substantial bulk buying discounts and services from commercial suppliers. These include free legal advice, regular news and information, furnishings, paint, rental equipment and insurance packages and accommodation discounts that can be tailored to meet individuals' needs. They also include low commission rates on credit card transactions, telecommunications and many other services that are used heavily in motels.

The Association actively works towards enhancing the quality of the motel product, supporting the membership in all aspects of running a motel business and ensuring that the Government is kept fully aware of the national importance of the motel industry to commerce and to tourism in New Zealand. MANZ has been in existence for 30 years and is the largest grouping of motel apartment properties in New Zealand. MANZ as an association is an affiliate member of the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand, and also has a close working relationship with other industry bodies in the New Zealand accomodation, hospitality and tourism industries.




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