"For the bread of God is He which cometh down from Heaven, and giveth life unto the world." John 6:33

Manna Storehouse began 9 years ago as a small ordering group called the Stowers Co-op. At the beginning, it was run by John & Jackie Stowers and their 2 oldest boys, Chris & Chad. Eventually we expanded from 3 families to over 60 regular customers. Within the last 3 years, we have gone through a major transition time. We began ordering on a weekly basis, plus splitting cases for our customers and selling the left over items as retail. Thus, the Stowers Co-op became Manna Storehouse, creating what is now a food co-op and retail shopping area.

One of the reasons we began Manna Storehouse was to make it as affordable and convenient as possible for people to eat healthy. It is our belief that food is best as God intended nature to produce; no antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals, food dyes or other man-made additives. That is why we began searching out the best sources for all natural and organic food ourselves. We have been encouraged to find many farmers who are researching and working towards restoring their soil to the proper vitamin & mineral balance, therefore enhancing the nutritional value of the foods they produce.

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