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I started this site in 1996 when internet was just dawning in Italy. I knew nothing about computers or the net but my teenage son was developing a passion for it and my husband was beginning to work on it. I started to get interested as I love communicating, and here was an opportunity to communicate with the whole world. The idea of a cooksite thus combined my passion for food with the possibility to work from home, important for a mother of two with family demands to satisfy.

The recipes come from many sources, my family archive, friends, chefs, word of mouth, and many are elaborations on traditional themes. The recipes are tested to make sure they work in a normal well equipped kitchen.

I designed and developed the structure and content of the site and asked friends for help with the technical and graphic aspects. Having learnt the basics of HTML, and the techniques of the scanner I can now go through the entire process - research the recipe, write the menu, prepare the dish, photograph it, scan it, send it on line - autonomously.

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