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Adult Blog: Mandys Diary promised me another good time, and we fixed the appointment, and scheduled our program. We planned out where and what we would do for that next evening. James glided the car to a stop at her apartment gate. I pulled her in, as she was about to alight from the car. I kissed her on the lips, while my other hand went to my pocket to pull out money. I pushed the notes (bills) into her palm as she disengaged from the kiss. She looked at the money and gave me that fiery look she had given earlier when she had thrown the money on my face. I gave her a sly smile and added for effect, "I love giving gifts and I welcome surprises." Her fire like anger changed to a cool smile, she promised me a meeting and added to my excitement, "wait for the next meeting, I would get my friend Gautami, she is my age, you would like making it with her." Saying this she ran into the gate and disappeared. I was caught puzzled about the name game, Anu or was it Gautami, Mandys Diary had said that the real name of Anu was Gautami, now who the hell was Gautami that Anu wanted me to bed. I looked up front at James quizzingly and James stared back at me with the same puzzled look. Gautami or Anu, the name game and the personality game would come to an end that weekend. I was waiting for the next few days in anticipation for my date with Anu, aka Gautami. It was past 10:00 pm on Thursday night while I was traveling back home when Anu called on my cell and fixed up an appointment for Saturday. I likewise arranged for her to be picked up from her place and brought to my penthouse.
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