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Fourth Wall Productions will be holding auditions for the short film, EASY MADE HARD. Director Delphine Suter (Eastman Kodak Scholarship recipient) and producer/writer Elizabeth Appell (award-winning script writer) team up for the gritty story based on true events about a father, who once again is faced with his son seeking protection from the police, must confront an ultimate judgment. Fourth Wall Productions will be casting the following characters:

Curtis Brown--age range 50-late 60's. Curtis Brown is a modest but proud black man who lives alone after the death of his wife, one year prior. He is a God-fearing man who holds himself to high expectations.

Tyrone Brown--age range 18-25. Tyrone is an inner-city kid who left his parent's home to join a gang. This time Tyrone has gotten himself into serious trouble. He comes home looking to hide in his father's house.

Nana Mary--age range 50-70. Nana Mary is a neighbor of Curtis Brown.

Lela--age range 10-13. Lela is playing jump rope with her girlfriends as Curtis Brown walks by. Some speaking, but minimal.

Naja--age range 10-13. Plays jump rope with Lela and Tosha. No speaking.

Tosha--age range 10-13. Plays jump rope with Lela and Naja. No speaking.

Police officer 1 & Police officer 2--age range 40-55. These cops have seen it all from the inner city streets. Somewhat jaded. Minimal speaking.

Compensation: Reel and expenses. Deferments are available for SAG actors.

Audition Date: Saturday, April 18th Audition Time: 10AM to 3PM Audition Location: Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason St, 4th Floor, San Francisco

Monologues that reveal an actor's range are encouraged but not necessary. Cold readings will primarily be used for casting purposes.




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