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Things That … Make You Go Hmm


If some readers are interested what questions specifically I did not check, those are below along with further explanation. Take the test first before reading which boxes I checked. No cheating, now.

You put zero stock in astrology. Untrue, both my wife and I follow our signs. She’s a Sagitarius and I’m a Libra. My horoscope for today reads: Today’s a good time to take control. Push things in the direction you want to take. After hitting publish on this post I’m taking my wife to lunch. That’s control. I’ll direct my complaining stomach to some food.

In your opinion, all news is biased. In life I try to rarely paint with such large brushes. Words like all should be very carefully used. I do believe all people have biases but also think it’s possible that not all reporters report the news with their bias. Objective news is possible and is happening. Heck, look around the blogosphere for citizen media. Perhaps this is wrong, but I think at least the bloggers I read do a better job sharing their biases when reporting the news than mainstream media.

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