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News and reviews on movies, video games, community discussions and anime. Includes trailers, tutorials and downloads.

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Our community is dedicated to dragon ball, news, music videos, competitions and more.



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Majin Planet was created on December 13, 1999 for the single purpose of Music Videos. The site ownership has switched hands once or twice, each time with more things added, a few things changed, but the soul purpose of bringing the fans the best content has never changed.

Majin Planet History

One thing that I have done as a webmaster has been to be the best that I can be. Not just the best but out do myself and learn from my mistakes. For the last two years I've been learning many new tricks and now with the legacy and content I have gain from running Majin Planet, I believe that today, the web site you see before you is better then it could have ever been if it was still Majin Planet and Banshee Force.

With with both sites now merged together as one powerful force, there is nothing it can't do. Along with the long history of XfireSystems/Banshee Force and the long running site of Majin Planet. Today you are give a new Majin Planet that bring you a new way to hang out online and to be more interactive with the web site itself.

Some quick facts about Majin Planet here, some people don't quite understand if this is the real Majin Planet or some fake, as there was a fake Majin Planet some time ago back in 2003 I believe (If I'm wrong I will correct that). Majin Planet, as I refer to as "the old Majin Planet" was founded by MajinMebs on December 13th 1999. The first Majin Planet was a Dragonball Z fan site. If anything it's known for having the best fan made music videos for any DBZ web site. From that point Majin Planet change hands a few times, ending in my hands in the summer of 2005 when Majin Trunks passed the site on to me.

XfireSystems was founded by myself on February 18th 1999, it was the first real site I had run, as it was a merge of my little home pages called NightCat's World and XFIRE (not to be mixed up with the gaming software, this was back in 1998 now). I ran the site for the most part until late 2001. When I reopen it 2 months later I couldn't get the same domain so I change it to XfireCollector which was a Trading Card Site. I ran that site only for a year as I started working. I reopen again in 2003 as Anime-Ent, but end up being a failure. I wouldn't reopen XfireSystems until Fall of 2004 almost 3 years from the last time I used the name XifreSystems. In the fall of 2005 the site name change to Banshee

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