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This website is designed for those who use or need one of the famous Adobe or Macromedia programs, starting from specialists to home users. The main page of this website is clear and very discreet. You can go through the main titles of this page, and visit the sections you are interested in. Also, in case you want to get to a certain piece of info, just enter some keywords in the search section on the right-hand side at the very top of the page, and you will immediately get where you want.

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On this website you can download the Adobe Acrobat reader and Flash player. You can have the version that is most suitable for the industry you are working in (education, finance, telecommunications, sciences, manufacturing etc.). There are numerous solutions including digital imaging, print publishing, mobile, training and e-learning and many more. These solutions apply perfectly and effectively to certain fields, it all depends on what industry you’ve clicked on. The website presents you all the Adobe products: the Illustrator, Flash, Breeze, Cold Fusion, Adobe premiere, to name but a few. There are also additional technologies available such as the Adobe Shockwave Player and the Adobe PDF online. In case you need some help, there are support teams that will assist you or you can join a forum and talk to other Adobe and Macromedia users.

Site structure

The Announcements section comprises the latest news on these products as well as events and seminars. The Purchase section advertises the Adobe store, so you can acquire the products you need online. You must select one store from the globe and you will be presented with some good offers. The prices are included on this site and a brief description of the products. If you want to help the store service, you can take a store survey and make the services even better. Next, there is the Design and Developer section that contains info, tips, techniques and other data for creative designers or professional developers. The Design center is a lovely page containing the Think Tank, a Dialog Box and some tutorials that offer guidance in new features of the products, key workflows and other techniques. You will also have related links, so as to get the most of what you want to know. On the right-hand bottom of the page, you will able to visit the Customer Success section, in which you’ll be able to see the site of the day, the winners to some current awards and many more.

Ads are relevant to theme

There are also ads on this website to courses of Studio 8, Flash Pro 8 and Dreamweaver 8. But except from these discreet ads you will find only one more advertising to the latest Acrobat 8. These aren’t really bothering, because once you’ve accessed this site, it means you are interested in these things, so the ads are quite helpful and according to the theme of the entire website. The design of this site is very simple, easy to access and comprehensive for all.



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