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This website is for those who want to share personal things such as pics, journals, blogs with friends and relatives that are far away. makes it possible for people to express themselves on the web throughout this site. The punch line of this website is Your life. On the Internet, and this gives a general idea on what this website is about.

By accessing the front page you will be presented with several options and you’ll get a brief presentation of this page. You can publish in one click with iWeb in case you want to share some things with the world. Share your photos with your friends using the Photocast with iPhoto, which makes it possible for you to put all the pics you want on the site and send the link to your dear ones. They will be able to view the pics shortly. You can even create an online slideshow with your prettiest pictures, and this feature is free for all the members. If you have lost contact to your old friends or class, you can bring groups together thanks to

A great thing about is the fact that it features a video quick tour of the site, which makes it possible for you to learn about this website in just a few minutes. Just access the Feature Overview on the bottom left hand side of the front page. Or simply click on the How it works section. offers great family packages, so that you and your entire family can benefit of Internet experience the right way. This procedure is cost-effective and your family will love it. You can get one master account and up to four sub-accounts that contain sufficient email and disk storage, so that everybody is content. This is also an easy way to stay in touch with your family and share files whenever you want or it is needed.

Click on the Mac and iWeb section and you will get a video tour of what this option is about. You can publish your blog on iWeb with just one click, keep an online journal for you and your friends and family, play your favorite iTunes or share your personal podcast by submitting your plays list. Or conversely, have access to your friends’ play lists and photo slideshows and journals. This is all so easy and only one click away.

The last section of the front page is Meet Mac Members. In this way you can easily get in touch with different interesting people from diverse domains. Meet house sellers, podcasters and all sorts of members. Read their profiles and learn how this website was created.

In case you need some support, click on the bar on the topside of the site and pinpoint your problem and get a solution for it. You have the possibility to enter discussions and get help from other Apple users.

All in all, this website is a great tool for the modern man. It has many handy features and it is easy to use, so trust and express yourself on the Internet.





Apple Inc.
Infinite Loop Cupertino CA
United States 95014


Apple Inc.
Infinite Loop Cupertino CA
United States 95014

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